"The Sundown Salon
Unfolding Archive"

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A Project by Fritz Haeg


For 6 years, artist Fritz Haeg opened his Los Angeles home to events, happenings, gatherings, meetings, pageantry, performances, shows, stunts and spectacles framed and affected by his unique house which includes a subterranean cave, a geodesic dome, and a series of garden spaces. This special artists book documents the Sundown Salon events and also shares participants reflections on the idea of salons and the nature of viewing and making art communally and for a domestic space. "The Sundown Salon Unfolding Archive" is both a book and an exhibition: It is printed as one long accordian-fold paper. The text can be flipped through and read like a book, and the pictures can be unfurled to a 140 foot long art piece. The book has been conceived by Fritz in collaboration with Evil Twin Publications' Stacy Wakefield. The covers will vary, with 5 different combinations being created from drawings made by salon participants.

ISBN: 978-0-9763355-1-1 8.5 x 8.5", 380 pages, offset printed with silk-screen and letterpress on cloth covers, hundreds of color photos, limited edition of 500 copies.

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Over 30 events and hundreds of participants, the salons grew increasingly elaborate. Each salon was catalyzed by a friend with an idea, an inspiration. Knitting, boys, a dance, deliveries, a meeting, animals, haircutting, fashion, political ennui and it grew from there. Participants included My Barbarian, Pipilott Rist, Knitknit, Trinie Dalton, Los Super Elegantes, K48, Bedroom Walls, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Deadlee, Anna Sew Hoy, D'Argento, Amy Adler, Jeff Ono, Yoshua Okon, Dean Sameshima, Alice Konitz, Graft, Pae White, Bon & Ging, Jeff Burton, Feral Childe, Alexis Rochas, Ponce de Leon, Bordermates, Lesbians to the Rescue (LTTR), Robbinschilds, Slava Mogutin, Eve Fowler, Katie Grinnan, Eileen Myles, Liz Larner, Chris Abani and Janfamily among many others. Sundown Salon also staged similar events at the Schindler House in West Hollywood in collaboration with the MAK Center.

Chris Abani, Amy Adler, Zandra Ahl, Mark Allen, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Justin Beal, Kelly Besser, Barbara Bestor, Krystal Chang, Kelly Coats, Sara Daleiden, Trinie Dalton, Julie Deamer, Joseph del Pesco, Ken Ehrlich, Malik Gaines, Adam Goldman, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Asdis sif Gunnarsdottir, Fritz Haeg, Skylar Haskard, Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst, Anna Sew Hoy, Janfamily, Gabriela Jauregui, Konstantin Kakanias, Jennifer Krasinski, Matty Lee, Kimberly Meyer, Eileen Myles, Francois Perrin, Emily Roysdon, Alex Segade, Linda Taalman & Alan Koch, Melissa Thorne, Matias Viegener, Stacy Wakefield, Veronica Wiman, Alice Wu.

Amy Adler, Mark Allen, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Trix Barmettler, Eden Batki, Justin Beal, Bedroom Walls, Tibora Girczyc Blum, Bordermates, Jeff Burton, Kelly Coats, Coop Himmelb(l)au, Laura Cooper, Krysten Cunningham, David Dodge, Lecia Dole Recio, Ken Ehrlich, Courtney Fink, Eve Fowler, Sam Gordon, Sara Grady, Amy Graves, Fritz Haeg, Karl Haendel, Marc Herbst, Jen Hofer, Susanna Howe, Scott Hug, K48, Peter Kirby, Lauren Lavitt, Sharon Levy, Janfamily, Jeaneen Lund, Marie Jan Lund, The MAK Center, Kelly Marie Martin, Alan Marx, Alex May, Giles Miller, Slava Mogutin, My Barbarian, Piper Olf, Eugene Ong, Camilo Ontiveros, Renato Ornelas, PS, Iana Quesnell, Emily Roysdon, Dean Sameshima, Shannon Shelly, Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir, A.L. Steiner, Eli Sudbrack, Elizabeth Tobias, Emile Turner, Kazys Varnelis, Nicolas Wagner, Nina Waisman, Caleb Waldorf, Kate Wall, Ulf Wallin, Michael Wells, Austin Young, Gerald Zugmann.

Fritz is an architect and artist based in LA. Recently, his Edible Estates project has designed and planted prototype edible gardens across the country, resulting in exhibitions and a book: "Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn" (Metropolis, 2008). He has also been creating Animal Estates for local displaced species commissioned by venues including the 2008 Whitney Biennial, the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT and SF MoMA.