select an evil twin book:

Story by Amber Gayle, book by Stacy Wakefield Forte

32 pages of hand printed black and white photographs on Fiber paper.
Gocco printed cover on archival board.
Japanese style binding. 4x6".
Edition of 6 copies.


The text in this book is Amber's musings on the subject of Sehnsuchtig (German for longing) and how they relate to Lake Washington. Amber and I grew up on an island in the lake and it's easy for me to understand why this weak grey body that is perenially too cold to swim in, or too full of milfoil or duck waste, is a symbol of missed chances and paths not taken.

I photographed the lake and our old neighborhood in 1993 on a visit with Amber to the childhood haunts that are imprinted in both our brains. These are the places that turn up for us both in dreams and are conjured by descriptions in novels. Everyone has these places, I hope the spirit in which these images were made brings that feeling to life for an objective viewer.

I edited and cropped a selection of these photographs and printed Amber's text on clear film used as photograms, placing them directly on the photopaper as I exposed it in the darkroom, creating multi-layered prints.

The book has a rough hand-made feel and does not open completely flat.