We get a lot of emails requesting the names of printers we've used... this is an incomplete list of some we have had good experiences with but I don't work for any of them, so i can't promise anything!

For special LP or CD packages Stumptown printers in Portland, OR are great. They have good prices and design services and also sell pre- die-cut packaging in small numbers if you wanted to print your own small run release.

Echo Letterpress is a store front letterpress shop in Jeffersonville, NY. Also I've worked a bunch with Kerin Brooks Smith at Em Space Editions in Shandaken.
Both of these printers do design work as well as printing and they're both upstate near me.

For black and white paperback books, the best deal you'll find will be in Winnepeg Manitoba. There are two printers I have used lots over the last ten years, Hignell and Westcan. Hignell is much quicker to get back to you if you're just looking for a one time 500 to 1000 print run book. I think Westcan prefers larger jobs.

For full-color books or hardcover or cloth bound or anything special like that, American publishers go to Asia. I have gotten several books printed by Wafai printing. Their office is in Hong Kong and their printing plant is in China. This is the case with al the Chinese printers i know of. I occasionally see "Printed in Hong Kong" in a book and I'm convinced its just the publisher pretending that because the office they have been corresponding with is in Hong Kong that the book is printed there. But most likely it is printed in Shenzhen, China an hour from Hong Kong where there are thousands of printing plants and almost everything you read comes from there.

For something really special that needs perfect quality and you can spend a little more money, I'd go to Oddi in Iceland. You really do want to go there, too, its a good excuse for a vacation in Reykjavik.