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Poem by W.A.J. Vonder
book by Stacy Wakefield

4.5 x 7.75", 12 pages, letterpress printed on sandpaper, vegetable packing material, kraft and marble paper. Bound with ribbon. Edition of 10 copies.

 Vonder's poem was written specifically for this book and printed in the original dutch at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Dutch word "Ontbinding" can mean disintegration, as of a corpse, or can be translated quite literally as un-binding, the falling apart of a whole into separate parts. The poem's subject is the break up of a relationship, and both meanings are played with in the text.

The book has been purchased for the permanent collections of several museums and art libraries. Only a few copies remain available.

$170 includes shipping.

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