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Cascadia Salmon:
A Wild Salmon Fanzine

by Amber Gayle
68 pages, 5.5x8.5"
photocopied, handsewn binding, print gocco cover limited edition.

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"Where does one species end and another begin? Whenever I hear agency people speak about conservation, they seem to describe endangered animals as if they are special accessories, benefiting the picturesque quality of the forest or public land. Their talk of biodiversity seems superstitious and tenuous, the word from above to be obeyed but not understood, until the fashion changes. Any ecology freak knows that symbiosis and interconnection within natural systems are much stronger forces than we are led to believe by survival and competition stories. Where do salmon end and forests begin? Where do fungi begin and trees end? Where do dead trees begin and woodpeckers end? Where do salmon end and humans begin? The salmon people knew they didn't know."