Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Speedometer, a poem from METS#2 lives anew as a song by Rhythm King and Her Friends, Berlin

Linda lo-fi of Rhythm King and her Friends (Berlin) turned a poem from My Evil Twin Sister #2 into a good song, which you can hear at:

Some of the words are obscured by charming German accents ...
here is the whole poem

(from Hometown Interstate-5)

When I took the wheel I took the challenge
I moved my eyes up from their usual spot
a few feet before the flat front end
and looked up two car lengths.
A weight lifted from my mind and settled on the gas pedal
the speedometer creaked upwards.
My grip was light and steady
I felt like a ghost
my hair flew straight out behind me like flames
my eyes burned hazel night lights into the darkness
I have nothing to lose.
There's nothing going to get lost
just this one last ride to live through.

The highway is violent
concrete and unforgiving
points of light burst like mosquitos, murdered on my windshield.
America is built on steel and these bossy parallel lines
the perfectly straight road pushes on and on and on.
This highway is an old friend, enemy, lover
I made love to one too many times.
I keep threatening I'll leave
but I return
he doesn't believe me anymore
so he treats me like he wants to.